Free Chief Short Sleeve White Crew Neck T Shirt



A Portion of the sale of this T-shirt will benefit Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary.

From the Freedom Collection by Pamela Robins for Horseworship
Featuring the Fine Art Photography of Kimerlee Curyl
Benefitting Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary

T Shirt Front:  Chief is a magnificent Sulpher Springs Mustang with DNA most similar to the primitive Iberian horses, the Sorria.  After his capture he endured various forms of abuse while attemps were made to "tame" him.  It could not be done.  This unbridled soul was rescued and brought to Return to Freedom where he will live out his life free, protecting his beautiful herd of mares.

The design shows a powerful Chief as he bursts through a circle of red directly into the word "Free."  In Japanese culture, the sun is often drawn as a big red circle.  The combination of red and white is a symbol for auspicious or happy occasions.  This is a message of determination and hope for the future of all wild horses.

T Shirt Back:  The word "Freedom" in a flowing script floats on the back of the shirt with the words "protect, wild, horse, roam, mustang" in various size type.