About Us

I founded Horseworship apparel in Malibu, California after being swept off my feet by a dashing 1200 pound, 16.1 hand, black and white Appendix Gelding named Tuxedo.  
The deep connection that I developed with this magnificent creature is what moved me to create an apparel line that was bold, spirited and passionate; crossing the boundaries between your basic horse lover apparel to something more fashionable.
What word could describe the awe, the love, the trust and the daily gratitude I felt for the profound life-changing lessons and challenges that Tuxie and I faced together?  To have a horse as a companion is to have a mirror to your soul.  You really have to be ready for the strength and honesty of an animal who demands a leader and in return, will give you everything they have--if only you ask for it. 
I knew that my friends who owned horses felt the same way.  One day while riding, the words Horse Worship came to mind.  I liked the way it looked when I wrote it as horseworship...and so it is.
My designs combine elements of the things that I love:  images of horses, bold colors, interesting fonts and my poetry, love stories and musings.  Each individual design unfolds into a multi-dimensional journey of discovery. The result: unique wearable art that is cool for riding in the arena or for a night out.
My professional experience with design dates back to my Pamela Robins Designs Home and Accessories line in the '90's, but I've been passionate about design throughout my entire life.  During the last decade, I've expanded my palate to include interior/exterior design of homes, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.
It’s been quite a journey from playing with my plastic horses in the living room in suburban New Jersey, to life today in the Malibu Canyon Equestrian community that I call my home.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to fulfill a childhood dream with my horse, but also to have learned to work and play with him in ways that soar beyond even my very active imagination.
Horseworship: We give each other the freedom to fly.