Horseworship Poem February 25 2011, 0 Comments

I like to think that poetry is really anything that pours freely from your soul and somehow makes it on to the page. It's a challenge sometimes to leave it raw, untouched and as unselfconscious as it originally appeared.

One night I wrote a poem describing the way I felt about my horse, Tuxedo. This then became the sentiment and inspiration for the creation and celebration of all things horse with Horseworship.

If you look closely at the "Horse Eye" t shirt, you will see a piece of this poem written in a beautiful penmanship script from 1856. My business cards and hang tags all have pieces of this poem interlaced through out.

Here it is in it's entirety:

I saw you in a photograph and I fell in love with you before we even met your eyes were so gentle I saw your soul and I knew we were meant to be together forever when i met you my heart leapt with joy and I wanted to take you with me and run away right then now we are together and our hearts beat as one our souls are forever entwined I know you feel my love because you call my name when you hear me approaching you and when we are working or playing I know you give me the best of you and I take great care to only give you the best of me you have taught me to live courageously and not with fear because if I fear I cannot experience the most profound gifts that you have to offer to me and that is to fly with you in both our days together and at night in my dreams who are you to have touched me so deeply to have moved me to places I never thought I would go oh how I love you and cannot live without you you are the air I breathe the pounding of my heart i worship you horse.