Healing and (kind of) Riding Again April 30 2011, 0 Comments

The moment I've been waiting for will finally be here in only 3 more short days!  It's my follow up appointment with the Doctor and I am awaiting his green light approval for being able to get back on Tuxie and ride.

Ok, really...it's just a technicality because I must admit, I have gotten back on Tuxie a couple of times in the last 10 days or so.  Mostly out of curiosity and also a desire to be re-connected with him and what I love to do.   I've watched my Instructor ride him and I never missed a stride - I know what it's like to be up there and I would sit on the bench and vicariously ride him.

Not riding over these last several weeks has really showed me how much a part of my life Tuxie has become.  I know I can't live without him - I just love that horse!  The only time I wasn't with him during this whole period was a few  days when it initially happened and one or two days when I had the surgery.

I did make the most of our down time, though.  My good left arm became accustomed to grooming him.  Eventually, I was able to get him ready for my Instructor to ride and cleaned him up after she was done.  It was my pleasure to spend time with him however I could.  I did ground work with him and we improved our walking together at liberty.  Let's just say that walking together is an area where there is room for improvement with us!  All of these experiences were special and magical and helped pass the time.

Working out at the gym several times a week with a trainer really helped harness a lot of my energy and as I got stronger I could also feel my body working away at healing.  Some days were better than others and then they just got better and better!

But back to the riding part...

A few times I felt like it was ok to get on him and cool him down after he'd had his training with my Instructor.  I'll admit it felt strange to be up there again and that threw me off a bit.  I only walked around and tried out a little posting trot but that was all.  However, that left me wondering how long it was going to take me to get back to where I was before the accident.

Another couple of days passed and I did actually have a mini-lesson - I did walk, trot, canter and it felt really good.  My confidence obviously isn't going to be much of an issue and that was a relief to me.

Having done the preliminary research I decided to take it easy and make sure that I was still in one piece when I go to the Doc next week.

Fingers crossed.